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PST repair software to repair and restore corrupt Outlook PST files. You can also reset the password and you can also split the large PST file in a few clicks. With the support of all versions of Outlook


Although, we can say that the software is very useful and helps in all cases of damage and corruption in the repair of PST file.

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Download Scanpst.exe windows XP if inbuilt scanpst.exe fails to Work

Windows XP is one of the most popular and widely used operating system which manages your data efficiently and also ensures about its security. Most of the people make use of outlook application to store their personal data as it is easy to use and also stores the data with full safety. Various series like outlook 2003, 2007 are compatible on Windows XP operating system.

Outlook is available with an inbuilt tool named scanpst.exe whose sole purpose is to fix the corruption issue of outlook and to repair the corrupted and damaged PST (personal Storage Table) files. There is no need of downloading or installing the tool as it automatically gets installed in your system with the installation of Outlook application. Scanpst.exe XP has the capability to repair your corrupted PST files so that you can access it without any hassles. You can run this tool from the following mentioned locations in your system.

C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033\Scanpst.exe

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\Scanpst.exe

It is really great using this inbuilt tool as it easily repairs the erroneous PST files and make it accessible. But the problem arises when this tool itself gets unresponsive and becomes unable to resolve the corruption issue of outlook. This problem mainly occurs when the tool gets corrupted or damaged. However factors like virus infection, human errors, malfunctioning of the tool, improper installation of the tool etc also disrupts the functioning of scanpst.exe tool which is very frustrating. In this case you are suggested to download scanpst.exe windows XP from any official website with the intention of repairing your PST files.

One thing that must be noticed is that scanpst.exe tool comes with a limitation i.e. it fails to repairs the oversized PST files. When the PST files are oversized and you make attempt to run scanpst.exe tool to resolve its corruption issue, then it might be possible that you experience various annoying errors. In this situation you really get upset and search for any alternative of Scanpst.exe tool . Now the outlook users will be very happy after knowing that they can easily repair their corrupted and damaged PST files even when the scanpst.exe fails to do so. And this magic will be possible with the help of third party Scanpst.exe XP software. This software can efficiently repair the PST files even if it is oversized. So do not wait, just get this software and access your corrupted PST files smoothly.

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